Welcome into our dream.

Open your eyes. This is a dream that becomes material. A dream that you can touch.

Do you recognize it? … It’s your dream. And we want it to come true.

We have always believed in human inventiveness, as the only irreplaceable powerful motor to generate progress. In every idea lies a potential world, in every idea we look for new answers to questions that beset the very existence of the human being.

We are inspired and recognize ourselves in this words of Victor Hugo:

There is nothing like a dream to create the future

From dream to matter there is the art of Making.

We are artisans of matter. We mix dreams to produce reality. We have this goal in our mind : making more accessible the advanced technology to anyone who needs it, because we want to be part of that humanity that shares and disseminates knowledge, to improve the existence of a community from the school, to the professionalism and buisness. We cannot forget that human beings will always need to dream, or there will be no future. Today our dream comes true and we’re proud to present it to you. Here it’s our new start towards the future:


Now we are ready for your dreams.


Simplify the efficiency

Zero is a 3D printer FFF- Fused Filament Fabrication- that mix together advanced technology with the facility of use. We couldn’t ignore the difficulties of many user when they need to interact with a 3D printers and, focusing on this issue, we developed our solution. Zero is designed to simplify and speed up the interaction between man and machine. We have adopted a system of auto-calibration because we know perfectly that this is one of the most challenging operation that the users have to faced. We have equipped this 3D printer with a systems that significantly reduce the risk of failure of the printing process. With the 3D printer Zero we want to meet the needs of makers, professionals and anyone who has dreams and ideas to be realized. We’ve heard you and we have given to you a concrete response that you can try.


No knob. No click

Siaren is the most intuitive user interface that we have ever developed: four main icons for all available functions allow the user to enter commands in a easy and fast way. During the printing process a circle with a spheres on the display inform you about the work progress. No knobs, no clicks, the 2,8 inches touch screen display will allow to manage all functions only with a finger touch.


Just the time to start

The most complicate part in the use of a 3D printer is the calibration procedure of the print bed. We searched a solution for this problem and we develop our auto calibration system. Now automatically and in only 150 seconds, Zero 3D printer calibrate the print bed and begin the printing process. It comes with single extruder but it is possible to add a second one.


Hbot renewed

We have chosen for the movement of the X and Y axis the Hbot system, a system driven by two stepper motors, which each menage a belt, in order to allow the Cartesian movement of the extrusion’s apparatus. It was also implemented a changed: instead of having the motors directly connected to the belt, it is inserted a moto-reduction which allow to have high speed without loss of steps.


Quality before everything

We have chosen for the movement of Z axis three stepper motor that move three trapezoidal rod with a maximum resolution of 5 micron. Thanks to this the 3D printer Zero can reach the layer resolution of 20 micron.

Filament guardian

The filament ends but not the printing

If the filament ends, Zero 3D printer know it and save the printing process – refill the filament – and then restart.

Phoenix system

Interrupts. Stops . Resume whenever you want

The failure of your printer will never be cause by electricity outage. Zero 3D printer know if it is without power supply and save the printing process. On 3D printer’s display will appear a message that notify the absence of the power supply and when return the 3D printer resume the work. This system permit the management of the printing process, it can be in pause or arrested and resume it later.


Zero is black

The elegances and curves of this 3D printer could only be draw from the black. We designed a frame with soft lines, related the roundness of its name, which suggests a continuity between the high quality of its performances and the quest for a clean and minimalistic design. We have added three window panels, made in hot-orange plexiglass, to the total black as contrast. Thanks to this, it is possible to see the inside of the 3D printer and you could appreciate it in every phase of the printing process.



We invite you to discover and to appreciate the attention of details, like the illuminated frontal logo and the spool holder with our logo. Zero have a taste of a futuristic object, an elegant and technological design combined with a lasting beauty craft.


The 2,8 inches display is situated in the front of the Zero 3D printer with a 30° inclination to simplify the view and the use.


Kentstrapper Zero Laterale Sinistro
Kentstrapper Zero Vista Frontale
Kentstrapper Zero Laterale Destro
  • Warranty

    12/24 months on every components, extruder excluded

  • Printable area

    260 x 260 x 280 mm XYZ

  • Extruder

    All Metal extruder with interchangeable nozzles , standard 0,4 mm

  • Declaration of conformity

    CE mark

  • Temperatures of printing

    Extruder: 180 °C – 260 °C

    Print bed: 50 °C – 100 °C

  • Dimensions

    Only 3D printer size: 520 x 590 x 575 mm

    3D printer with spool holder size: 520 x 750 x 575 mm

    Shipping size : 700 x 700 x 700 mm

  • Software

    OS : Mac / Windows

    Compatible files: Stl / Obj / Amf

    Minimun requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or higher

  • Layer resolution

    Fast: 160 micron

    Medium quality: 100 micron

    High quality: 20 micron

  • Filaments

    Thermoplastic filaments of 1,75 mm
    Pla,Abs,Laywood,Laybrick,Nylon,XT, Pla Flex

  • Display

    2.8 inches Touch Screen and sd card reader

  • Electrical

    240 Volts 10 Ampere

    50 – 60 Hz , 360 Watt max

  • Speed and axis resolution

    Print speed: 10 mm/s – 300 mm/s

    Travel speed: 10 mm/s – 300 mm/s

    Axis resolution: 12,5 / 12,5 / 5 micron

  • Zero suite

    With the Kentstrapper Zero are provided:

    the power supply with cable, sd card, online manual,

    glue for printing bed, pla spool, usb cable

    software, online support and tools

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