The semplicity is the ultimate sofistication

MAVIS is a 3D printer FFF- Fused Filament Fabrication- that mix together advanced technology with the facility of use. We couldn’t ignore the needs to make prototype in a single piece with big dimesions and the difficulties of many user when they need to interact with a 3D printers and, focusing on this issue, we developed our solution. MAVIS is designed to simplify and speed up the interaction between man and machine. We have adopted a system of automated calibration because we know perfectly that this is one of the most challenging operation that the users have to faced. We have equipped this 3D printer with a systems that significantly reduce the risk of failure of the printing process. With the 3D printer MAVIS we want to meet the needs of makers, professionals and anyone who has dreams and ideas to be realized. We’ve heard you and we have given to you a concrete response that you can try.

Smart Interface


We provided the 3D Printer MAVIS with a dynamic interface where colorful icon with symbol allow the user to enter commands in a easy and fast way. No knobs, no clicks, the 5 inches touch screen display will allow to manage all functions only with a finger touch.

Automatic Calibration

Just the time to start

The most complicate part in the use of a 3D printer is the calibration procedure of the print bed. We searched a solution for this problem and  we have equipped the 3D printer Kentstrapper MAVIS  of an automatic calibration. As you turn on the 3D printer you will be able to print without any procedure of calibration.

The 3D Printer Mavis is equipped with two system of calibration:

Ther first performs  an alignment between the hot end and the print bed thanks to the three motor of z axis, the second performs a  compensation of the different workplace heights by measuring on a nine-point grid made with a contactless inductive probe.  As you turn on the 3D printer you will be able to print without any procedure of calibration


Protection of the user

On the front panel are located a switch with key  that allow the use of the 3D printer only to allowed users and an emergency button in order to abort immediately every process


Everything within reach

On the right part of the frontal panel of the 3D printer MAVIS it is located a useful box where it is also located the stylus in order to use the screen without using the finger

On the bottom of the 3D printer MAVIS are located four wheels with brake  that allow the stability and the possibility to move of the printer itself


Titan direct e All metal hotend

The 3D Printer Mavis is equipped as default with a single extruder, but it is possible to equip with a second extruder.  In order to use it, there is a “Y” system that allow to extruder different filament with a single hot end.

In order to push the filament it has been implemented the mini Titan Bowden system that allows you to use a variety of filaments and to have the best performance in terms of weight, size, reliability and accuracy

The Hotend instead is completely made of metal, allowing to have excellent performance in terms of quality and printing speed, it is also possible to interchange the nozzles in a simple and fast ,way selecting nozzle of 0.4, 0.6., 0.8


A big machine for big projects

The  chosen volume of 400x400x700 mm allows to make  prototype of big dimension  wthout the need to scale or divide it

Filament guardian

The filament ends but not the printing

If the filament ends, MAVIS 3D printer know it and save the printing process – refill the filament – and then restart.

Phoenix system

Interrupts. Stops . Resume whenever you want

The failure of your printer will never be caused by electricity blackout: MAVIS 3D printer know if it is without power supply and save the printing process. This system permit also the management of the printing process, it can be in pause or arrested and resume it later.


Great care also to the design

We have mix the total black of the body with  panels in warm orange.

The panels,front and side, are openable allowing a better access to the printable area. On this panel also are laser engraved our logo making the panels not only windows to see the inside of the machine and appreciate every printing step but a distinctive element of our brand and its design.

Kentstrapper Stampante 3D Mavis


MAVIS has a personality of a technologic object, of precious design and of a lasting beauty craft.

We invite you to discover and to appreciate the attention of details, like the frontal box  and the laters panel that have the graphic of our logo laser engraved..


The 5 inches display is situated in the front of the MAVIS 3D printer in order to simplify the view and the use.


  • Warranty

    12/24 months on every components, extruder excluded

  • Printable area

    400 x 400 x 700 mm XYZ

  • Extruder

    All Metal extruder with interchangeable nozzles , standard 0,4 mm

  • Declaration of conformity

    CE mark

  • Temperatures of printing

    Extruder: 180 °C – 260 °C

    Print bed: 50 °C – 100 °C

  • Dimensions

    Only 3D printer size: 720 x 720 x 1040 mm

    Shipping size : 850 x 850 x 1200 mm

  • Software

    OS : Mac / Windows

    Compatible files: Stl / Obj / Amf

    Minimun requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or higher

  • Layer resolution

    Fast: 200  micron

    Medium quality: 160 micron

    High quality: 100 micron

  • Filaments

    Thermoplastic filaments of 1,75 mm
    Pla,Abs,Laywood,Laybrick,Nylon,XT, Pla Flex

  • Display

    5 inches Touch Screen and usb reader and wifi

  • Electrical

    230 Volts 10 Ampere

    50 – 60 Hz , 500 Watt max

  • Speed and axis resolution

    Print speed: 10 mm/s – 300 mm/s

    Travel speed: 10 mm/s – 300 mm/s

    Axis resolution: 12,5 / 12,5 / 5 micron

  • Mavis suite

    With the Kentstrapper  3D printer are provided:

    power supply cable, paper with instructions for downloading the manual, software and tutorials, pla spool, usb cable, spatula, hexagon, spit for stamping the extruder and training course at Kentstrapper or remotely.

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