la stampante 3d Kentstrapper Zero

3ders parla della stampante 3d Kentstrapper Zero

3ders uno dei siti più importanti da seguire per avere informazioni e aggiornamenti sul mondo della stampa 3d ha pubblicato un articolo dedicato alla Kentstrapper  Zero, di sotto un estratto


Italian culture is world famous for having perfected the art of simplicity—unchanged recipes, passed down from generation to generation, that focus on the fewest yet freshest ingredients possible and a focus on technique. Basil, mozzarella and Nona’s secret tomato sauce all come together to create the perfect dish, embracing the philosophy of ‘do one thing and do it well.’ Along with margherita and marinara, Italy maybe on the verge of perfecting yet another work of art: the 3D printer.Trends come and go; we have yet to see if the Kentstrapper Zero 3D printer will be one of them, or if it will one day be a Classic.


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