Kentstrapper Penna 3D Slide


The 3D Pen uses the Pla or Abs filament to create a free hand figure, a drawing or structures that can then be touched by hand: a drawing will no longer be only 2D but 3D. Unlike a 3D printer, to get started, you do not need a three-dimensional model or 3D modeling software, you just need the 3D Pen and your creativity!

Easy and intuitive

Using the 3D Pen is very simple; Thanks to the buttons and the OLED display you can handle the 3D Pen intuitively by selecting the mode of use.

The 3D Pen is equipped with five different extrusion speeds of the filament, easily selectable with the appropriate buttons.

Charging the thermoplastic filament will take a few seconds: just warm the 3D pen and insert the filament, powered the command, will charge the wire automatically.

Light and Safe

The 3D Pen is made of opaque black anodized aluminum with a design accurately making it a beautiful, lightweight tool with a total weight of only 53 grams.

The extrusion part is completely made of metal, allowing you to have excellent performance in terms of quality and speed of printing and is also housed in a protective case that makes the 3D Pen safe to use.


Penna 3D Kentstrapper Lato Destra
Penna 3D Kentstrapper Frontale
Penna 3D Kentstrapper Lato Sinistra
  • Warranty

    12 /24  months on all  the components, hotend excluded

  • Extruder

    All Metal with nozzle of 0,5 mm

  • Certifications

    European Certification

  • Temperatures

    Extruder: 180 °C – 220 °C

  • Dimensions

    Only the  3d pen: 172 x 18 x 18 mm

    With the packaging: 220x 100 x 80 mm

  • Filaments

    Filaments thermoplastics of  1,75 mm
    Pla and Abs

  • Display

    Display Oled with buttons

  • Power Supply

    230 Volts 10 Ampere

    50 – 60 Hz , 10 Watt max

  • Extrusion Speed

    5 extrusion speed usable

  • Penna 3D suite

    With the 3D Pen it  is given:

    power supply,manual,started kit pla,online suppor,training lesson