Kentstrapper Aura 2019

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.

(Albert Einstein)

By choosing AURA you will choose to give body to the details, to give “materiality” to what you
thought before was too difficult to achieve.

With AURA your idea can be reproduced in more than one piece in less time.
With Aura, the shape of your creations will be more accurate.

Match the frequency of Aura.


Details in series

Aura is a 3D printer LCD-UV. It use the UV diode’s light project on the LCD 2k screen to polymerize a liquid resin.

We can’t ignore the claims to realize objects with a high level of detail also in the small sizes.

So we developed our solution: Aura is the first Kentstrapper’s family 3D resin printer .

We have equipped it with a Wi-fi system and an internal slicing to manage all the operations remotely, with adjustable feet and internal level for correct calibration.
With AURA 3D printer we wanted to meet the real needs of professionals (e.g: goldsmiths, dentists, miniaturists,…) introducing this new technology into our product range.


LCD-UV technology makes it possible to quickly solidify the resin in a few seconds, so with the
same object height, the time required to make one or more objects is exactly the same.


To ensure that the resin in the tray is at the same level, a manual adjustment system and a circular level have been installed.

Web Interface

The Aura Kentstrapper 3D printer is equipped with an internal software (Nano Dlp) for printer management.
It will be possible to send files directly via Wi-fi connection to the printer and the TFT display, located on the front panel of the printer, will show the IP address for connection in WI-FI and the progress status of the work and allow to use the printer itselft  through it


Quality first and foremost

We have chosen for the Z axis two linear rail and a single stepper motor for the axis movement that drives a ballscrew rod with a maximum resolution of up to 5 microns. This allows the AURA 3D printer to polymerize layers up to 25 microns.


We have infusion in AURA elegance and personality:
Combining the white of the body with the warm orange of the lid.
In addition to the color, the printer also differs from other models, for softer and less linear geometry

Kentstrapper Aura Vers 2019 Frontale


The machine has a practical storage compartment,
with opening from above, to store: Resin bottle, alcohol and utensils.

Kentstrapper Aura Dettaglio Del Vano Porta Oggetti


Integrated in the printer there is a high resolution LCD display,
which is used to project the specific layer of the object to be created.
The 5.5-inch display offers 2K of 2560*1440 resolution, guarante accuracy and precision of detail.


Kentstrapper Aura Vers 2019 Frontale

    12/24 months on every components,


    120 x 65 x 200 mm XYZ


    Display 5,5″ 2K 2560*1440 (537 ppi)


    Cerficazione Europea


    Printer sizes: 472x 257 x 345 mm

    Overall dimensions with packaging: 420x 400 x 400 mm


    Operating System: Mac / Windows
    Compatible files: Stl / Obj / Amf
    Minimum requirements: Intel Pentium 4 or higher


    LCD-UV 3D Printer


    405 nm UV compatible resins


    25 – 50 – 100 micron


    The TFT Display show the IP address , the print progress status,and allow the User to use the printer itself


    230 Volts 10 Ampere

    50 – 60 Hz , 40 Watt max


    Operating system with internal conversion program


    With the Kentstrapper  3D printer are provided:

    power supply cable, paper with instructions for downloading the manual, software and tutorials, 0,5L resin, spatula, hexagon  and training course at Kentstrapper or remotely.

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