3d Printer Kentstrapper Galileo Smart


The new Kentstrapper 3D printer Galileo Smart is completely designed and assembled in Florence, where passion and craft knowhow meet research and technological innovation. With this model the Galileo project comes to its 3rd step, renewing its look and performances.

A 3D printer is a cheap and hi-tech instrument that you can use at home or at your workplace. You can give life to all the 3D-modeled objects. Now everyone can create custom and unique objects, expressing your creativity in a new and unexplored way. Control every step of 3D printing process, from beginning to the end. Having a physical model means having the possibility to check it, and, if something went wrong, edit it.
This 3D printer was thought for a wider public; it is user-friendly, light and powerful. It is made with sustainable materials, with high structural properties.

Suitable for:

Privates,artisans, hobbyists and people novice to 3d printings and looking for an intuitive product , lightweight and accessible at an affordable price .

                      • 8mm guides with igus bearings
                      • 8mm Valchromat laser cut
                      • Carriage X in MDF laser-cut with igus bearings
                      • Technology FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) for PLA ,ABS,Laybrick,Laywood,Pet,Nylon and other compatible materials
Technical details
        • Printable area: 200x200x160 mm (XYZ)
        • Print speed min/max: 10/150 mm/sec
        • Recomended speed: 60 mm/sec
        • Max resolution in Z: 0.060 mm
        • Electronics board : Megatronics v3
      • Power Supply: 12V 5A – 230V AC

It is possible to equip the 3d printers Galileo Smart with the following optionals:
Stand-alone Module:

This option is composed by a LCD screen with a sd-card module that allow to use the 3d printer independently without the computer connect via USB cable

It is possible to laser cutter , on request , a logo or phrase on the case of the electronic board of the 3D printer itself.

Heated bed:

It is possible to equip the 3d  printer with a heated bed.This optional helps to print large objects in PLA , while it is recommended for some thermoplastic materials used , such as ABS and XT