Kentstrapper Noah is your personal assistant in 3D printing, a small device created to simplify the use of 3D printer and to solve the most common issues in this sector.

The answer to many  needs in just one device.

Noah does the slicing process  internally: the converted files are automatically inserted in a printing queue controlled directly by itself. Noah can control multiple 3D printers based on Marlin, Splinter and Repetier firmware.


  • Multiprinter

    Centralize system for manage many printers simultaneously

  • Smart gui

    One web graphic interface to manage all the functions (from slicing to printing)

  • Slicing software provided

    Noah is able to slice your files without internet connection

  • Management of the print queue

    Noah can manage the print queue

  • Phoenix system and Filament guardian

    Safeguards system of the printing in the event of a power failure and filament end

  • Display

    The LCD Display give informations about the status of the printers and on the system itself.

  • Wifi

    Noah can be used as an Access Point or can be connected to a WiFi connection

  • Multi-user

    Noah manages unlimited users, creating a private session for each one

  • Shared files

    Noah allows to share the files between all the users

  • Automatic update

    The system is able to detect an update and to install it automatically

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