Stampante 3D Mavis


Introduce rapid and reliable prototyping into the company thanks to the Mavis professional 3D printer, and make the development of your company products faster and cheaper. Combine generous size, solid build and our customer support, and you get the best professional large format filament 3D printer.
From today you can buy the Mavis professional 3D printer also in operating leases for companies.



The semplicity is the ultimate sofistication

The Mavis Professional 3D Printer with FFF – Fused Filament Fabrication – technology combines advanced technology with ease of use, to meet the need to create large single-piece prototypes.

The Mavis professional 3D printer was designed to have a very large work area (400x400x700mm), and to simplify and speed up the interaction between man and machine, to the point of considering it directly connected to your mind.

We have equipped it with an automated calibration system and systems that minimize the risk of printing failure, essential for professional use of 3D printing.

With the Mavis professional 3D printer we wanted to respond to the real needs of companies, professionals, makers, and anyone with great ideas to realize.

Smart Interface


We provided the 3D Printer MAVIS with a dynamic interface where colorful icon with symbol allow the user to enter commands in a easy and fast way. No knobs, no clicks, the 5 inches touch screen display will allow to manage all functions only with a finger touch.

Automatic Calibration

Just the time to start

The most complicate part in the use of a 3D printer is the calibration procedure of the print bed. We searched a solution for this problem and  we have equipped the 3D printer Kentstrapper MAVIS  of an automatic calibration. As you turn on the 3D printer you will be able to print without any procedure of calibration.

The 3D Printer Mavis is equipped with two system of calibration:

Ther first performs  an alignment between the hot end and the print bed thanks to the three motor of z axis, the second performs a  compensation of the different workplace heights by measuring on a nine-point grid made with a contactless inductive probe.  As you turn on the 3D printer you will be able to print without any procedure of calibration

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A big machine for big projects

The  chosen volume of 400x400x700 mm allows to make  prototype of big dimension  wthout the need to scale or divide it

Mavis Suite

Professional development suite

Included with the Mavis professional 3D printer is provided the software that allows the conversion of the 3D file (stl) into a printable file (gcode), and includes the print profiles already set for the Mavis 3D printer and for the usable materials.

A roll of PLA is also provided, telephone and remote assistance service (Tuscany), and training course in the use of the printer and related software.

Phoenix system

Interrupts. Stops . Resume whenever you want

The failure of your printer will never be caused by electricity blackout: MAVIS 3D printer know if it is without power supply and save the printing process. This system permit also the management of the printing process, it can be in pause or arrested and resume it later.


Ready for Industry 4.0

The Mavis professional 3D printer is equipped with Wifi and Ethernet connection, and a web interface for managing the entire printing process remotely: start, pause, stop, set temperature and etc … It is also possible to equip the Mavis 3D printer with a webcam for remote viewing of the printing process.

The Mavis professional 3D printer meets the requirements for the Industry 4.0 plan and can enjoy all the incentives for companies dedicated to Industry 4.0, including non-repayable contributions, super-amortization and hyper-amortization of 250%.

Kentstrapper also offers you a free initial assessment on whether you can take advantage of ongoing concessions from your company.

Filament guardian

The filament ends but not the printing

If the filament ends, MAVIS 3D printer know it and save the printing process – refill the filament – and then restart.


Titan direct e All metal hotend

The 3D Printer Mavis is equipped as default with a single extruder, but it is possible to equip with a second extruder.

The Hotend instead is completely made of metal, allowing to have excellent performance in terms of quality and printing speed, it is also possible to interchange the nozzles in a simple and fast ,way selecting nozzle of 0.4, 0.6., 0.8

Indipendent dual extrusion

Maximum freedom of development

It is possible to request the system for double extrusion.

In this configuration, there will be one trolley with two Hot Ends on the Y axis that allow you to print very different filaments (material and colors, but also flexible or water-soluble for the supports).

The double extrusion results in a slight reduction of the print length along the Y axis

Professional Filament Guardian

Complete control of the extrusion

Filament Guardian Pro is an optional system that uses the DAV sensor to check not only if the filament is present but also if the extruder is correctly pulling the filament itself. If an anomaly occurs, the printer intervenes by pausing the printing process and allowing the operator to resume printing at a later time.

Filament Guardian Pro in the double extruder version is not only capable of recognizing a printing anomaly and stop printing, but it is also capable of automatically activating the second extruder to complete the processing in progress, without the intervention of any operator.